Toolkit: Role of the Travel Manager

What is the role of a Travel Manager?

The role of a travel manager cannot be pigeonholed by creating a list of responsibilities. Just as one client's travel program is different to another's - so is the role of the travel manager.

We can generalise, based on research, experience, surveys, but they carry a vast range of responsibilities. A travel manager of a law firm, will work quite differently to that of a government organisation. Culture, location, industry sector and customers, play a big part in what is expected from their organisation.

Generally speaking, there role involves anything from negotiating with suppliers, to tracking travellers. The bigger and more complex their organisation, the more challenging their role is.

The rapid technological developments in our industry, are presenting the travel manager with new challenges and opportunities. To be successful and to demonstrate their value, they must continuously evolve.

You may just want to understand this topic to increase your knowledge, or because it will help you in your role at work. Whatever the reason, all of our toolkits are designed to be a quick lesson on a specific topic, that you can do in your lunch-break, or maybe on a long trip.
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