Travel Risk Management

This toolkit has been designed for travel buyers and managers. It teaches industry best practices in travel risk management, providing you with the tools to protect your employees whilst they are travelling on company business.

Companies have hundreds of thousands of employees travelling to thousands of cities around the world on a daily basis. Keeping them safe is a priority. A reliable travel risk management program and duty of care policy in place, is essential for any business.

Challenges for travel buyers:

- No laws in any country providing clear guidelines on how to protect employees when travelling on business
- Decisions are being guided by judges and juries on a case by case basis.
- Every trip is different and presents its own unique travel risks.
- Many companies do not have a risk management program or they have an ineffective one.


How companies plan and react to an incident can literally mean the difference between life and death.
Companies not only face financial and legal consequences, but also damage to their reputation and credibility.
60% of travellers and now more anxious about travelling.

Benefits of This Toolkit:

You will learn how to:

- Limit employee exposure to travel risks
- Increase employee confidence and trust
- Keep employees safe
- Provide peace of mind for family and colleagues
- Fulfil Duty of Care responsibilities
- Protect company’s reputation and status
- Prevent prolonged litigation processes

Which will enable your organisation to:

- Be better prepared for any incidents
- Continuously monitor threats and risks to traveller safety
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Guide to Travel Risk Management
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed