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Business Travel: Level 1, Module 4 (TUL1M4)


In this module you will explore the fundamental components of a Corporate Travel Program. Building a successful travel program needs a strategic vision, reliable data and good communication. You will learn best practices in key areas, including: travel policy, supplier agreements, data and analysis, online booking and payment and expense solutions.

You will also learn how well-supported and communicated programs increase compliance. This contributes to increased cost savings and higher service levels for employees and the corporate customer.

Learning Objectives

- Understand they key components of client corporate travel programs and the impact they have on efficiency
and costs.
- Analyse and explain the importance of stakeholder engagement and how it contributes to the success of a
travel program.
- Recognise different types of travel program models and how they vary depending on a client's company
- Understand how a well-structured travel program allows clients to control their travel costs, as well as
improve safety and security.
- Empathise with your clients' corporate cultures and policy and appreciate that they influence their behaviour
and motivation in their choices of travel and how the

  • Module 4: The Corporate Travel Program
  • Test: Module 4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed