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Business Travel: Level 1, Module 5 (TUL1M5)


Many organisations struggle to differentiate the value between travel management companies. In some respects, the TMCs are partially responsible as they have failed to articulate their unique selling points. This is largely due to the dominance of procurement in the sourcing process over the last couple of decades. Many procurement professionals struggle to understand the nuances of the TMC service, so focus instead on the transactional cost of using a TMC, rather than the value.

In this final module in Level 1, you will explore the core areas of differentiation between TMCs. By demonstrating their value on a client by client basis, TMCs can avoid the trap of focusing on cost of service delivery and instead focus on the total cost of travel.

Learning Objectives

- Understand how a TMC differentiates themselves from their competition through their own unique value proposition.
- Explore the key components of a value proposition in detail and identify the areas where a TMC brings value to their client and their travel programs.
- Learn the various TMC commercial models and the benefits of each one.
- Study the structure of financial models and understand TMC overheads and cost of service delivery to the client.

  • Module 5: The TMC Value Proposition
  • Test: Module 5
  • Course Feedback: Introduction to Corporate Travel
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever