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Business Travel: Level 2, Module 1 (TUL2M1)


Welcome to Level 2 of the Diploma in Corporate Travel Management and congratulations on completing Level 1! Level 2 begins with a quick video appraisal of what you learnt and achieved in Level 1. You will then begin the next chapter of your journey into 21st Century Travel Management. The title says it all about what you will over the next 5 modules.

In Level 1, you learned how travel management companies needed to remain competitive and continuously differentiate themselves from their competitors. Which is what every business should do...however, there is the added dynamic of "creative destruction", which impacts some industries more than others. The industry must now move forward into the 21st Century, even though we are already 18 years into it, a lot of practices and business models are still stuck in a time warp. This doesn't just apply to the business travel sector. Industry in general is struggling to keep up with the digital revolution.

In Level 2, you will dive deeper into the role the TMC plays in creating value to their clients. Over 5 modules, you will explore and learn: the principles of competitive travel management, how TMCs increase their productivity (and reduce client costs), how they deliver world-class customer service and how they effectively manage industry partnerships.

  • Module 1: Step Back to Look Forward
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed